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A Brief Overview

If your website is your store-front (or front-end), then DynaWEB is your back office (back-end). In the past, if you wanted to update the content on your own website, you either had to learn how to do web programming or had to hire a web designer to update the content. Today however, businesses have the opportunity to update the content of their website from any internet-connected computer in the world at any time. You can do this with your own content management system called DynaWEB.

How does it work?

DynaWEB is essentially a secondary website. You and your staff access the system via the web and perform various tasks to add, remove, update and manage the content that all visitors see on your website. It works by interacting with a database on our web server. When you update the content through your back-end, your website as your visitors see, it pulls the contents from the database and the content is displayed on your website.

Benefits :

- Real time content updation with inbuilt WYSIWYG Editor

- Easy text and image updation on your standard pages

- Easy photo gallery management

- Easy Portfolio management

- Easy content upload for your visitors

- Receiving Online queries, with one click feedback form addition

- One Click Review form addition

DynaWeb is a product of ADI Best Value UK Ltd.

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